The AARP has been the pre-eminent older driver’s safety program for over thirty years.  Every year, thousands of drivers over 50 have taken AARP’s class and learned how to protect their safety on the roads.  This year, the AARP and Spring Lake District Library have partnered to offer this class on Monday & Tuesday, May 21 and 22 from 12:45pm to 5pm.

Some people may be wondering – why would I need a driving safety refresher?  If your knowledge of the rules of the road is from when you took driver’s ed as a teenager, you may want to catch up on the ever-changing traffic laws.  If you’re starting to experience issues driving comfortably or you’re starting to wonder if a family member’s driving is erratic or unsafe, this also is the class for you.  Even if you don’t have safety concerns, some auto insurances will give you a discount after you complete this class!

According to the AARP:

“As opposed to younger drivers, whose typical violations include speeding, reckless driving and DWI offenses, older drivers’ typical infractions include failure to yield the right-of-way, improper turning and incorrect lane changing. Generally, older drivers have problems in driving situations that require quick responses, full vision and interaction with other drivers. So the course taught participants how to adjust their driving in response to those changes.”

Are you still unsure if you’re interested?  Check out this article by the AARP on why a Smart Driver Refresher is valuable.

Sign up now for this two-part course on May 21 and 22 from 12:45pm-5pm.  You can sign up online or by calling 616.846.5770.  There is a $15 fee for this workshop for AARP members (please bring your AARP card to class) and $20 fee for non-members.  Payment can be made by cash or check made out to AARP during the first class.