• CommunityEngagement_Aging Spring LakeInfrastructure

Aging Spring Lake Infrastructure

Aging Spring Lake infrastructure and the anticipated short- and long-term costs to replace it will be the topic of a panel discussion moderated by Judge Ed Post. Panelists include Village President Mark Powers, Prein & Newhof Professional Engineer Kevin Kieft, Clerk/Treasurer Marv Hinga and Village Manager Chris Burns. A question and answer period will follow [...]

  • Pet Rock Friends

Make a Friend: Pet Rocks

Pets can be wonderful companions and rocks are as low-maintenance as they come! Kids ages 4+ are welcome to create their very own pet rock friend to take home with them on Thursday, June 28 at 2pm.

  • RockPlantings

Rock Planting

Is your garden in need of a little something extra? Or maybe you want to get creative with your gardening? On Tuesday, June 26 at 7pm, Anita Buckowing demonstrates how you can create unique rock plantings with just a few tools, a feather rock and an assortment of plants. The combination will result in a one-of-a-kind feature [...]



Have you ever wanted to play drums or other percussion instruments with others? The opportunity to do so is happening on Monday, June 25 at 2pm. Experiment with rhythm and sound as we all jam together on a variety of percussion instruments.

  • GetCreative

Teen Craft: Decorate a Mug

Looking to exercise your creativity? Why not beautify a mug with oil-based Sharpie markers? Join us on Friday, June 22 at 2pm where the only thing that you'll need to bring is your imagination (markers and mugs will be supplied). This program is for ages 10-18.

  • Calling All Race Fans

Motorsports Photos and the Stories Behind Them

Calling all sports car fans: join Charlie Steen, co-founder of Sports Car Club of America sanctioned West Michigan Grand Prix, to see his collection of prints by famous motorsports photographer Pete Lyons and hear the stories behind the photos. Get the inside track about famous sports cars and the men who raced them. Charlie Steen will be [...]

  • Make Your OwnInstruments

Make Your Own Instruments

Have you ever wanted to put together your very own instrument? On Thursday, June 21 at 2pm you can learn how to do just that with everyday products and materials. We'll show you how to assemble your instrument and noisemakers and then we will all play music together! This program is for ages 4-12.

  • Community Conversations (1)

Connect through Conversation

Are you looking for opportunities to connect with others by engaging in face-to-face conversations? Are there topics important to you that you’d like to talk about with others in the community?  We’ll be hosting monthly community conversations for just that purpose.  You can attend the next session on Wednesday, June 20 at 7pm. Each community conversation will [...]

  • LEGO Block Party Banner - 606x325

Ready to Build?

The third Wednesday of the month is coming and with it comes LEGO Block Party back at its afternoon time! On Wednesday, June 20 at 2pm, we’ll get out our giant tub of LEGO blocks for kids ages 4-12 to build with. What will you construct? Spaceships, battle scenes, gardens, monster trucks, cities, the only limit is [...]

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Sailing into History

Are you interested in nautical history? Join Michigan Notable Book author and historian Frank Boles for a discussion of his award-winning book "Sailing into History: Great Lakes Bulk Carriers of the Twentieth Century and the Crews Who Sailed Them." Learn about shipboard life, the bitter labor disputes, large investments of capital, and government intervention required [...]