Looking for a unique gift for a book-lover?  Consider purchasing a book to add to the Spring Lake District Library’s collection!  This holiday season, the library is hosting an Adopt a Book program which allows patrons to choose a book from a wide variety of adult, teen, and children’s titles and dedicate it to someone special.

To see the books available, come to the library between now and December 23rd.  Ornaments with the book’s cover and information are hanging from the holiday tree in Youth Services (for children’s and teen books) and on the counter across from the Check-Out desk.

When you choose a book to adopt, just bring the ornament to one of our service desks, and we’ll help you complete the adoption.  A book plate inscribed with the name of the honoree will be placed inside the book before adding it to the library’s shelves.  We’ll also send a letter to your chosen recipient notifying them of the title added in their honor.

Whether someone is difficult to buy gifts for, you wish to memorialize a loved one, or you’ve chosen to ‘buy local’ for the holidays, an adopted book is a wonderful and thoughtful gift.  For years to come, your book will be on our shelves for all to enjoy.