On Monday, April 17, work will begin to replace the library’s roof.  We’re excited to have a new, leak free roof, but there will be a few weeks of inconveniences first.  We apologize for all in advance.

While work on the roof is happening, part of the library’s parking lot will be fenced off to accommodate roofing materials and equipment.  That means that the lot may get full much more quickly than normal.  Our neighboring churches, Harvest Bible and First Baptist, are kindly allowing library patrons to park in their lots if necessary.

Every care is being taken to keep disruption from the work to a minimum, but there will be some construction noise in the library. The work also means that the drive-through book return will not be accessible by car for some of the time.  The book drop will still be open and accessible by foot traffic.  With any luck, our Michigan weather will cooperate with us and allow the re-roofing to be finished as quickly as possible.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during the construction.