Nearly 50 years ago, a young newlywed was murdered in her home in Grand Rapids.  The case has never been solved.  Now local filmmaker David B. Schock will share his new documentary of the crime Heritage Hill Bride: The Murder of Shelley Speet Mills on Wednesday, January 11 at 6:30pm.

Dr. Schock’s film chronicles the story of Shelley’s life and family as well as the crime, investigations and impact of the unsolved questions on her loved ones.  Shelley’s murder is considered the first in a series of homicides known as the Heritage Hill Murders committed in Grand Rapids during the 1970s.

Schock’s hope in making his documentary is “to reach out to the one person who can tell police what they need to successfully investigate these old crimes. In this case that might mean that the family and friends will learn who killed Shelley.”  To learn more about Schock’s work, visit his website,