VCRs are quickly becoming obsolete technology much like the telegraph or rotary dial phones which makes now the time to convert the precious memories on your VHS tapes to DVD format.  We have two Digital Conversion Classes scheduled in October that will teach you how to do exactly that as well as how to use the library’s film, negative, and photo scanners and the cassette tape to MP3 converter.

The classes are scheduled for Wednesday, October 5 at 10am and Wednesday, October 12 at 2:30pm.  Seats are limited so please register today for a class session.

Once you’ve learned how to work the equipment, you can check out converters and scanners from the library so you can use them at home in your PJs!  We also have iPads, Bamboo tablets, digital projectors, eReaders, and more available for check out.  Take a look at the entire list of equipment available at the library on our website.