Every year during the Spring Lake Heritage Festival, we spend a day celebrating animation pioneer and Spring Lake’s most famous son, Winsor McCay.  This year, Winsor McCay Day is Tuesday, June 14, and we have a full day of programs honoring him scheduled at the library.

First up at 10:30am is Who Was Winsor McCay?  Local author and illustrator Aaron Zenz will teach kids about Winsor McCay, his art, and show some of his cartoons including his most famous creation Gertie the Dinosaur.

For our aspiring artists entering 3rd grade or older, local artist Kevin Collier is teaching a Cartooning Workshop at 2pm.  Will the next Winsor McCay attend and learn about cartooning and the animation business?  We’ll have to wait to see.

Winsor McCay first rose to national prominence when his chalk drawing of the sinking of the Alpena was photographed and sold on postcards. He was only 11 at the time! In honor of McCay’s drawing, we’re hosting a Family Sidewalk Chalk Party in our parking lot.  From 7-8pm, families are welcome to come, choose a parking space, and create their own works of art.  We can’t guarantee any drawings will become postcards, but we can provide chalk and refreshments.  For the safety of everyone involved, the parking lot will close for the evening at 6pm.

Have you ever seen Gertie the Dinosaur?  You can watch her now on YouTube or check out one of the DVDs available at the library.  We also have a section of our website dedicated to Winsor McCay for online browsing.  We invite you to further explore his life, newspaper comics, and animated works.